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Drivers’ Gallery Cars & Coffee: Season Opener

Here is the Final upload of photos from Drivers’ GalleryCars & Coffee: Season Opener! There’s some absolute heat in here finishing off what was a spectacular event.Honestly, I love writing about what an event meant to me with every batch of photos that I release. But what is there to be said about Drivers Gallery that hasn’t been said. They are where the bar is set in the region when it comes to events. If you’re trying to make events, take notes because Drivers’ Gallery is doing it right, every…single….time. I’m not sure those guys miss at this point. Even with what seemed like a lot up against them leading up to the event such as terrible and unpredictable weather for a week straight and Silhavy being an absolute mess for what seems like ages now. They charged ahead anyway and gave us a spectacular season opener. Weather, amazing. Vibe, spectacular. Atmosphere, unparalleled. Cars, top notch. Everyone’s attitude, perfect. Traffic, eh…what’s expected for such an absolute monster turnout. But everyone handed it well and respectfully. I seriously loved every moment of Sunday. These events offer everything that a giant costly show offers with the simplicity of a local popup. The respect that everyone has for this business, the surrounding business and the location shows. There’s no foolishness, nothing out of line. Just fun, smiles, good coffee right next door from Dagger Mountain Roastery, awesome cars from all of you and a feeling that this year is going to be one for the books. Big shout out to everyone involved, from the guys at Drivers’ Gallery to the awesome individuals who brought out every neck snapping piece of machinery all the way down to every spectator that just wanted to enjoy a beautiful Sunday doing something fun. You’re all what makes this community such a pleasure to cover and be a part of. Let’s make 2022 one for the books! Please tag all the owners. 📸: Anthony Mileski

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